• Polished stainless steel construction, 100% TIG welded to minimize contamination traps


• Lightweight, small footprint, portable design with swiveling locking front casters, semi-pneumatic rear wheels


• Mobile Trolley Frame is equipped with 4” diameter front swivel wheels, 8” diameter rubber tired real wheels, and a convenient push handle


• Critical filter kit is purchased separately and includes Filter Housing Assembly with DP Gauge, HEPA Filter Cartridge Style with DP. Float Basket, Prefilter Conical Bag Type, Disposable Dust Bags Pack of 5, Filter Rod Assembly


• HEPA filter is packed with more than 37 square feet of nuclear grade pleated medium, tested and certified to be 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns


• All power heads and HEPA filters are serialized and controlled by a written quality assurance program that insures traceability to performance tests, quality records and HEPA test data


• All power heads are provided with padlocking type ball control valves to prevent unauthorized use in radiologically controlled areas.  Fastener locking devices prevent inadvertent opening of vacuum system components


• Available with optional cam-lock fittings and dust plugs to prevent hoses from becoming accidentally detached, and to provide a means to seal inlets from contaminated particle release when not in use

NUCLEAR GRADE COMPRESSED AIR POWERED VACUUM SYSTEMS Equipment designed to safety load, unload, batch or otherwise collect dry active waste, sludges, resins or other radioactive materials.

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