Power Products and Services has developed a line of special snorkeling tools tor use with nuclear grade vacuum systems. These tools are of special importance when attempting very high lifting operations or in cases where heavy sludges or slurries may be encountered. In those applications, the addition of air at the point of pick-up will make quick work of these otherwise difficult tasks.


The tool enables the customer to remove solids from the bottom of a sump or tank without having to add to the water level in the tank prior to cleaning. The operator simply submerges the snorkel tool under the water. The Snorkel Tool mixes air with the water in the sump, tank, or liner which enables the tool to remove the solids at the bottom of a cleaning area. This unique “dredging action” prevents clogging of the conveying line during the removal of solids by inducing air at the bottom of the tool. The snorkeling airflow can be controlled by adjusting the ambient air valve or by introducing compressed air, depending on how much vertical lift of the solids is required.


The snorkel tool is provided in various lengths and is equipped with a special snorkeling tube that injects air by sucking it from atmosphere above the water level. For this reason the tool is available In standard lengths of 3’, 4’, 5', and 10’. The 10-Foot snorkel tool ls fabricated from aluminum materials to minimize weight. The other snorkel tools are all stainless steel construction. The 10-foot long aluminum snorkel weights only 9 pounds. Special snorkel tools have been made tor special customer applications in lengths up to 24 feet. Snorkel tools can be provided with optional Camlock fittings if needed.


By using the Power Products Snorkel Tool, our customers will experience improved efficiency in the clean-up process and decreased labor costs end exposures. (A shield of water is maintained between the operator and the tank bottom.)


Snorkel Tool Benefits:


• Eliminates the need to add water to sumps prior to or during clean-up

• Eliminates the need to thin sump contents in order to achieve high lilting capacity. The Snorkel Tool is designed to convey heavy solids

• Reduces waste water handling costs

• Provides for ‘fast action‘ vacuuming which provides quick completion of the work

• Reduces Man-Rem exposures by providing a water shield




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