Since 1983, Power Products and Services has provided contract services to our customers.  Those services have included site repair and preventative maintenance work, site and home office training classes and site walk-downs and equipment evaluations.  Our services and any related work, drawings, analysis or calculations are done in accordance with the Power Products and Services Co., Inc. written Quality Assurance Program.  Specific areas governed by the Quality Assurance Manual are strictly followed.


Our field technicians have many years of experience (some as many as 18 years) and most of them have gone through several Site Safety and HP Training Programs.  They understand the needs of our nuclear customers as well as the technical knowledge to effectively do their work.

Site Equipment Repair and Preventative Maintenance

By far, the most common service contract awarded to Power Products involves our technician going to the customer's site for the purpose of performing site repairs and preventative maintenance on radiological waste handling equipment.  Most often this involves our technician performing site work on Power Products and Services' supplied equipment, such as RadVac® systems, Airhog™ Portable Ventilation Units or other specialty units supplied by Power Products.  However, our technicians have the knowledge and ability to provide those same services on the equipment of our competitors, and oftentimes we do just that.


It is not uncommon for our technician, upon his arrival, to find 15-25 Units that are "out of commission" for one reason or another.  By the time he or she leaves, we have normally achieved a 90% recovery rate.  This savings more than pays for the work that our technicians perform.  Our on-site service rates are among the most competitive in the nuclear industry.


We have more than 200,000 inventory parts to support the work of our Technicians.  No matter what is needed to affect the repair, we will normally have it available from existing stocks.  The normal procedure is for the Technician to survey the equipment, gain the approval from the customer for any required parts and then have us ship them to the technician overnight.  Oftentimes we can pre-determine what parts may be needed and the technician can bring them with him.  Before the technician leaves, he or she always ensures that our customer is completely satisfied with our work, and that all the goals of the trip have been accomplished.

Training Services

An exceptional working knowledge of the maintenance and operations of our RadVac® or Airhog™ equipment can oftentimes prevent the need for on-site repairs.  We offer classes that teach, in detail, the proper maintenance and operations procedures for our equipment.  After our class, the students are able to perform the critical routine maintenance procedures such as filter maintenance and power head maintenance as effectively as our own technicians.


Some of are larger, more elaborate equipment (such as resin loaders or unloaders, granulated boron loaders, suction and pumping units, or charcoal handling equipment) can become much more complicated to operate and maintain.  Specific training classes are available that teach the proper maintenance, troubleshooting procedures and filter maintenance prodedures to keep the equipment in top condition.  The operator controls panel especially house components, timers, probes and the like that require experience and training to effectively operate.  Better equipment knowledge could avoid many of the maintenance calls that we receive.  Personnel changes, site procedures changes, and other issues arise that can render the previous knowledge base ineffective.  The savings in man hours to troubleshoot and track down problems alone can more than justify the cost of the training.

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